Nourish Bowl

Nourish bowls are probably one of my favourite lunches, not only are they super versatile but they are jam packed with nutrients to fuel our cells!

Nourish bowls should contain all your macronutrients (source of each: protein, carbohydrate, fat) and micronutrients (often coming from things like vegetables). Below I have written out some of my favourite combinations but feel free to change things up to suit you! PS. these are great in a Tupperware container for lunch on the go too!


Base (source of carbohydrate)

3/4-1 cup of brown rice, quinoa or sweet potato



Baby beetroots (I love the tinned stuff)



- Whatever you fancy really!


Chicken, tinned tuna, eggs, tofu etc. (approx 1/2 cup - or a palm size serving)

Toppings (source of healthy fats)

Sunflower and pumpkin seeds


Olive oil

Optional extras

Pesto, hummus, Tzatziki, Siracha, Chilli, Coconut aminos (or soy sauce), feta cheese etc.

Note: This is just a guide and after all only you know your body best!