Hello & Welcome + my WHY

Who is Earthling Ruby, why did I create this platform, what inspired me to study what I do now (Dietetics Masters), and who am I?

I created Earthling Ruby (instagram page) back in 2016, this was fuelled by a passion to create and share healthy recipes. I vividly remember back when I was 13 years old in Food Tech class we had to create a healthier alternative to standard, loved recipes. This ignited an interest in health, wellbeing, nutrition and disease prevention.

I left school in 2016 after graduating with an International baccalaureate diploma (IB) and started my University career off in Christchurch where I spent a short 6 month period there before realising that the pathway or place was not meant for me! I moved back to Auckland and commenced by Bachelor of Science in Human Nutrition and Sport Exercise Science with and end goal of one day (hopefully) being accepted into the Master of Nutrition and Dietetics programme.

Along the way, shortly after leaving school I was faced with my own battles around mental health, wellbeing and nutrition. I developed a mindset that became too rigid, too 'healthy' and isolating which lead to becoming severely 'unhealthy'. I've had my own personal struggles of Orthorexia (consuming only food deemed to be healthy), restrictive eating, anxiety and depression. But to be honest I wouldn't change what I have been through as I believe it has made be a better health care worker, form a better relationship with food and student dietitian (soon to be dietitian one day).

It can be sooo hard to pick apart all the fad diets nowadays, when really all we need to do to be healthy is eat a well balanced diet! By balanced I mean eat your cake, chocolate and soul foods but don't forget about including a variety of fruits, vegetables, protein, quality sources of carbohydrates and healthy fats! I believe to be healthy we need to allow and accept all foods into our diet, without fear or guilt - no food is bad or good - some simply has more nutrients and others less so! When we tend to cut food groups out of our diet we want them more which can lead to an unhealthy cycle of binge/restrictive eating patterns.

Other than studying my masters degree I work in PR doing social media marketing and coordination which I LOVE, contracted work for a private practice dietitian, work in athleisure and of course this (EarthlingRuby)! While it's hectic I absolutely love it and want to keep all career possibilities open. You will often find me at Les Mills, in the kitchen creating a new recipe, with friends, out for dinner or drinks, brunch dates or exploring the outdoors in my spare time (basic or easy to please, you tell me?).

What else would you like to know? Comment below or feel free to reach out!