Nutrition By Ruby

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Initial consultation

(bespoke and personalised to suit you) 60 minutes - $180

I believe there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to nutrition - nor should there be. Our bodies aren’t machines, they are unique and complex. And each of us have different goals, preferences, backgrounds, lifestyles and needs.

Consultations involve a thorough assessment of your nutritional needs (basically really getting to know YOU), and the development of a personalised, and evidence-based, nutrition plan completely tailored to your lifestyle and health or performance goals.

Initial consultations (face-to-face in Auckland, or via Zoom/phone call) are approximately 45-60 minutes, and include individualised recommendations, education and resources.

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Follow up

30 minutes - $80

A review of your initial nutrition plan to assess progress, make changes as needed and continue working towards your health or performance goals.

Follow-up consultations are 30 minutes, and also include ongoing nutrition education, recommendations and support, and additional resources.

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Quick fix chat

20 minutes - $50

Do you have a specific question that you’re wanting answered?
For example… 

– What supplements should I take?
– A quick overview of your current eating patterns

The quick-fix call is exactly that! 20 mins of your time to get your immediate issues sorted with a personalised, actionable plan. 

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Personalised nutrition plan

With 30-minute consult (recommended) ~ $240
Without consult ~ $180

I create a 7-day personalised nutrition plan that is completely tailored to you and your individual goals, preferences and needs!
A personalised nutrition plan can assist:
Learning to fuel your body to feel, function and perform your best
Meeting your individual nutritional requirements
Saving time and preventing boredom in the kitchen
Increasing energy levels and optimising skin, digestive and hormonal health
Optimising sport and athletic performance
Achieving body composition goals
Helping to make nourishing and wholesome food delicious, fun and exciting!

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Review of blood work - $50 with relation to diet
Workout plan - $120

Book in for a free consultation call to make sure I am the right fit for you.