Hello, I'm Ruby from Auckland, New Zealand. I am a degree-qualified Nutritionist and Exercise Sports Scientist, and currently completing my Master of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics. I love to create wholesome recipes, share nutrition-based information, provide lifestyle content and snippets of what I get up to fitness-wise! 

I believe a non-diet approach to foods, eating intuitively, and listening to your body is one of the best relationships you can form with food. Often people can fall into the trap of labeling foods as 'good' and 'bad', I prefer to look at foods as some being more nutrient-dense and others less so. 

Opening up about our mental health and wellbeing struggles is very important, the more we check in with others and ourselves the more issues we can solve together!  

"Eat everything in moderation, including moderation"

Bit of my back story...

Growing up I was a competitive cross-country runner and would participate in many team sports. I have had an interest in health and fitness from a young age, however, I strongly encourage a well-balanced lifestyle, incorporating everything in moderation and listening to our bodies. 

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